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With a career mode, you'd spent more time doing it, but having fun in a new and new life on live or against friends. Perhaps it is enough, for the game itself, one is such a good game of football that you can almost dream about it with especially if you see Chelsea against Liverpool.


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The semi-final of the World Cup between Japanese Gamba Osaka and Manchester United started fairly steadily in front of 70,000 spectators at the powerful Yakahama Stadium in Japan.


Osaka showed tendencies to rapid transitions and technical finesse, and was useful in the game from the start.


After a quarter of play, Gary Neville was close to the ball with his hands in United's 16-meter. The referee did not see the episode and snatched Oaka for a penalty and the opportunity to 1-0. United took grip


United took something more over after the first quarter, but only after 28 minutes, the goal came to give United control over the settlement.


A prompt pass from Ryan Giggs was headed by Nemanja Vidic who headed it sharply past the keeper.


After the game, United had a good grip on the game, and it was fully deserved when the lead was doubled to 2-0 just before the break after a new corner. Again, Gigg's waiter was while Ronaldo headed the ball into goal.


- The first round was good. It was more varied in the other. But we'll be better on Sunday, Cristiano Ronaldo told TV 2 Sport after the end of the match.




The second round was weaker in pace and intensity than the first. United sat in the driver's seat, but without creating the big chances. Then, after 74 minutes, the game exploded.


First, Yamazaki reduced Osaka after a fine attack on the right side where United was taken to bed. Yamazaki hit the ball 16 meters into the keeper's corner.


Effective Rooney


In one minute after the reduction, Wayne Rooney's replacement was played by Darren Fletcher. He picked the ball beautifully down on the chest and sounded it in note.


Three minutes later, Fletcher got the honor of putting 4-1 in the net, also the target on his head, after posting from Evra.


And one minute after that, Rooney was again on the go and secured 5-1 with keeper.


GOD INVESTIGATIONS: Wayne Rooney came in for Tevez after 72 minutes, but still scored two goals for Man Utd (Photo: Toru Hanai).😀



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