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Learn to Meditate St. Petersburg, Florida

Learn to meditate with the 1 Giant Mind Meditation Technique in St. Petersburg, Florida, or on Retreat in Costa Rica.We get what it takes to fit meditation into modern life and we're expert at teaching you well. It is our mission to make this process as accessible as possible.Dr. Janice Powis teaches the 1 GiantMind "Being" Meditation Technique in a "3-Day Learn to Meditate" course format.You will learn a powerful yet simpletechnique that causes a major reduction in stress and fatigue while also rapidly expanding your self-awareness – a catalyst for long-lasting change in your life.You will be taught the course over 3 consecutive days, with each session lasting 90 minutes.You'll learn a lifelong skill to tame your busy mind and culviate a calmer, more peaceful, resilient state of being



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