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Visit Cat Ba and Ha Long

You love travel but only to places you are familiar but never try to ask that also the place where I never go, on a map of Vietnam also places extremely beautiful bows that I've never set foot to. Cat Ba is a large island of Hai Phong, from Hanoi is about 130km if you arrange a transportation with . Cat ba island is the green trees luxuriant and the crags is a great place for those you love adventure travel. In addition to crags you can learn climbing, Cat ba is also famous for beach, blue beach, white sand stretches, sailing around Lan Ha bay, seeing many small islands, visiting monkey island, trekking in the national forest.

Bai Tu Long bay covers a sea area of Halong city, Cam Pha city and Van don island district. If halong Bay is a beautiful girl, brilliant, then Bai Tu Long bay is a teen age full moon, pristine, mesmerizing. Bai Tu Long bay, the famous poor Halong Bay, so it still seems to remain unspoiled, tranquil. In addition to natural beauty, then bai Tu Long Bay also attracts tourists by the famous hunting of areas such as: corporate, creative, figs, fish, spring rolls, grouper, geoduck, shrimp, crab...



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