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Want to Try Online Business in Tourism? Why not

In the Age of Technology and all digital as it is today, whatever ideas you will create, of course, can be used as Business land, such as penetrating the Parisiwata Industry. It is no stranger to now that every tourist place has begun to be talked about in cyberspace. Especially when talking about tourist attractions in Indonesia, it will definitely be your wetland to start a business in tourism online. And this time, Next Digital will share a little information about what businesses can be used as opportunities for the tourism industry.


Blogging Travel

Starting from a hobby, then getting money? Who doesn't want to. Therefore, for those of you who have a hobby of traveling or traveling, and also like writing can make a Traveling blog yourself which later can be targeted by sponsors to get endorsements or various other parties who are interested in working with the story of the trip you made .


Become a Tour Guide

Are you proficient in various foreign languages? Means that you can easily become a tour guide for international tourists who come to visit tourist attractions. You can work with several travel agents or even make a special website for your tour guide.


Trip Advisor

Another interesting thing is that you can create a website or Trip Advisor application. Through this website, prospective tourists will be able to read reviews and ratings from various tourist attractions that have been visited by tourists before. In the present, various platforms regarding reviews or reviews are increasingly in demand, in order to get maximum results for that, you can work with various travel agents and others.


Connect business networks for tourists.

Traveling trends are in demand in all parts of the world. For that, you can take advantage of this opportunity by building a network platform that contains data, information, or profiles that tourists need to connect. Interestingly, you can only use your social media to build the network. simple!


Want to experiment? Try something new by creating an online luggage delivery service. Because basically every traveler does not want to bother and just wants to bring makeshift equipment. Take advantage of this opportunity to become a profitable business.


Online Transportation

Now, everyone must be familiar with online-based transportation. For that, you can take advantage of the traces of the success of online transport businessmen by building an online transportation to tourist attractions. You can also work together with other online transportation such as Grab Car and others.



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