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FIFA 18 Less shielding!

In FIFA 17, shielding was incredibly effective. If the ball with the L2 button (PlayStation) btw. the LT button (Xbox), could not be separated from the ball with a perfect design. In FIFA 18, this is a little different now. The shielding was weakened by the developers.


Our tip: Instead of shielding, use the new L1 / LB dribbling to make room for you. This means: Rotates with L1 / LB and dribbles in a new direction. With the L1 / LB dribbling, you enter a narrower, more precise dribbling in a small space. How it works, you get in the following tutorial explains:


Defends more passive!


Watch out! Defending has become more difficult in FIFA 18. To aggressively defend yourself, you can quickly become a doom. If you go too fast too fast, you will run away from the opposing strikers. And once the attacker has moved past you, it is very difficult to catch him again.


Therefore, we recommend defending even more passively than in FIFA 17. Wait a long time for what the striker has before and does not run too early with the defensive player on it. With the new, fast dribbling movements, the attacker would otherwise be too easy to play.


Be more attentive!


In FIFA 18, there are some new features that make it worthwhile to act more attentively than anyway. For example, you can now influence the position of your goalkeeper in one-on-one situations against the striker. If the attacker is running towards you, it is possible to go a few steps to the left / right to prevent the conclusion of the long corner.


Also new: In the case of penalties you have the opportunity to derive from the shooter's eye where he wants to shoot. So you see, it is more sensible than ever to see what your opponent is doing. Do not just deal with your game, but keep an eye on what your opponent is up to. A good anticipation is enormously important in order to keep the upper hand even in the narrow games, in which nuances decide about victory or defeat.


And now we wish you a successful start in FIFA 18. Heed our tips and play your opponents on the wall! If you incidentally, still requires a crisp overview of the new features in FIFA 18, then we can put to you the following video to my heart:



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